Some Mutant Chronicles CMG Info From Spiel07

Speaking of delays (see my previous blog entry), another long-delayed game that I’ve been looking forward to is the Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game coming in early 2008 from Fantasy Flight Games. This is FFGs first foray into the collectible market. The game was original due, I believe, in April of this year…but has been delayed several times for different reasons until early next year. Hopefully the delays are resulting in a really great game.

I just came across a link on the FFG message boards of a video taken at the recent Spiel 2007 (a big gaming con held each year in Essen, Germany) convention featuring an interview with John Grams, Business Development Manager of FFG, talking about Mutant Chronicles. There’s some great info in here, so check it out!

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One Comment on “Some Mutant Chronicles CMG Info From Spiel07”

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